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Chats about water and other interesting topics

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Jun 12: Me, talking about life (and water) in Saudi Arabia (28 min on YouTube or 27MB MP3)


Nov 13: Barry Lehrman on Los Angeles, Owens Valley and their aqueduct futures (41 min on YouTube or MP3)
Oct 4: Michael McCullough on water, politics and conflict in India (70 min on YouTube or MP3)
Sep 26: Tim SolWoong Kim on the Pursuit of Water, development and communication (56 min on YouTube or MP3)
Jul 23: Laci and Chach of the New California Water Atlas on their efforts to drag state bureaucrats into the 21st century (22 min MP3)
May 16: Grant McDermott of the Norwegian School of Economics on fracking, energy and water (64 min on YouTube or mp3)
May 2: Michael Strong of Radical Social Entrepreneurs (etc.) on institutions, education and start-up cities (55 min on YouTube or mp3)
Apr 17: Talking about fishing catch shares with Darren, Mike and Victoria (61 min on YouTube or mp3)
Mar 12: Guillermo Donoso of Pontificia Universidad Catolica on water in Chile (67 min on YouTube or mp3)


Nov 7: Matthew Pearson of Living Water International on bringing water to Africa (75 min on YouTube or mp3)
Oct 28: Jamie Workman of the Environmental Defence Fund on Heart of Dryness, dams and fisheries (71 min on YouTube or mp3)
Oct 8: Shahram Javey of Aquacue on being a smart-meter (and smarter software!) start up (44 min on YouTube or mp3).
Oct 1: Alex Trembath of the Breakthrough Institute on government-led R&D (67 min mp4 video / mp3 audio)
Sep 18: Me talking about self-publishing The End of Abundance (47 min on on YouTube or mp3)
Sep 11: Me talking with others about post-9/11 security, delegation vs leadership, stakeholders, clean water, the value of water, infrastructure, etc. (46 min mp4 video / mp3 audio)
Aug 14: Me talking with others on in-stream flows, opportunity costs, federal vs local control, etc. (60 min mp4 video / mp3 audio)
Jun 8: Tony Allen of King's College London on virtual water and development (56 min mp3)
Mar 28: Don Gaydon of Bribane, Australia on how farmers use water for irrigation (70 min mp3)
Mar 16: Thibaut Leloc'h of the French Development Agency on access to water in Palestine (42 min mp3)
Mar 16: Joe Troester, technical advisor on water management for the Lutheran church, on bringing water to people in the Central African Republic (16 min mp3)
Jan 27: Yoav Kislev of Hebrew University on water in Israel and Palestine (36 min mp3)


Mar 28: Wim Bastiaanssen of Water Watch on remote sensing (45 min mp3)
Mar 18: Michael van Pattern (CEO) and Dave Meyers (CFO) of Mission Markets on trading the environment (54 min mp3)
Feb 22: Tim Haab and John Whitehead of env-econ blog on teaching and blogging about environmental economics (46 min mp3)


Dec 20: Laurent Auguste (president and CEO) and Edwin Pinero (CSO) on Veolia's water impact index (40 min mp3)
May 23: Jay Wetmore on the similarities between water management and civil engineering (76 min mp3)
May 18: Tom Lauria of the International Bottled Water Association on bottled water (50 min mp3)
Mar 1: Mike Young of U of South Australia on water policy and markets (77 min mp3)
Mar 1: Adam Loch of U of South Australia on farmers and irrigation (31 min mp3)
Feb 19: Jon Plummer of RMIT on water markets in Australia (40 min mp3)
Feb 19: Tom Rooney of WaterFind on water markets and trading (18 min and 48 min mp3s)
Feb 17: Lin Crase of LaTrobe U on water economics and politics in Australia (41 min mp3)
Feb 14: Sergei Schreider of RMIT on modeling hydrological demand systems (39 min mp3)
Feb 4: John Quiggin of U of Queensland on water issues in Australia and Queensland (50 min mp3)

Pre-2010 chats coming soon!