Kill Your Status Quo

Consulting, speaking, advertising, etc.

Why you should hire an economist (like me)

I charge $100/hour for academic/non-profits; $200/hour for government; and $300/hour for businesses. I charge 75% of that rate when doing work per 8-hour day.
In addition to the hourly rate, I need to be reimbursed for travel, accommodation, and other costs.
The first hour of consultation -- a phone call to discuss the project and your needs -- is free.
I do not discuss details of consulting in public arenas or on my blog.

I charge nothing for academic and public talks; keynotes at conferences are $2,000 for non-profit/government and $3,500 for business/industry.
In addition to cost of the talk, I need to be reimbursed for travel, accommodation, and other costs.
I prefer to post audio/video recordings of my talks on my blog and website.

Advertising on the aguanomics blog
Cost: $100 for a link on the homepage for 3 months; $50 for a link in a post for a year.
All links are labelled as "sponsored," "ad," or equivalent.

Bank details
After we agree on payment details, please use one of the following accounts (ordered from best to worst)

Bitcoin (Best option) 19G1kvaqwKKoyJcqRXPPvBjPXrHTTKGaqY

Beneficiary David Zetland
AddressLeidseplein 29, 1017 PS Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Account 518695174
IBAN NL80ABNA0518695174

You can mail a check to:
David Zetland
28295 Isabella
Mission Viejo, CA 92692 USA

I can also supply a W-9 if you need my tax ID.