Kill Your Status Quo

Projects (suceeded and failed)

Besides everyday administration, recurring teaching and supervising student theses, I like doing projects. Some of them suceed and some fail. Although you can count my articles, books and talks as projects (see menu above), here are some on which I spent considerable time.

(I've also had ideas that "should be done" but haven't found enough time or the right partner. Among them are an app to tell people how much carbon their "frequent flier awards" costs, an "eco-ring" made from a synthetic diamond that costs $$ because $ of the price goes to environmental causes, and a project where refugees repair broken bikes that are re-painted by artists (locals, kids, refugees) and sold at auction as "functional art." I'm also thinking of doing a show -- KYSQ radio ;)

Life plus 2 meters project (2016-17): Crowdsourcing "CliFi" stories of life in a climate-changed world to help people think more about the future. Published 2 books.

The Circus (2016-17) A meetup group to bring together social and business entrepreururs in The Hague. We did 11 events, but it was too much work. I'm happy that Joanna was a great partner in this one.

City water project (2015-2017): An effort to engage local communities, water utilities and regulators in discussions on water quality. Failed because it's difficult to get attention from a distance and because citizens do not see themselves as having a say over water quality. I am very glad for the help I got on this from student-interns.

The Water Smarts Calendar (2014) I made this as a complement to Living with Water Scarcity. Every month had a different set of questions to help people learn about their water. The kickstarer suceeded but very few people participated in the activities.

The Water Data Hub (2011-2014) I designed a site where different organizations (government, business, NGO) could add links to their data sets, making it easier for visitors to find lots of different data sets on the same topic. I shut it down because too few organizations were interested in providing the links :(

The Rumor-Mill (2007-10) I wanted to create an anonymous site where whistle-blowers could "speak truth to power" without fear of getting caught (some information). I spent $$ on setting up a site, but got no traction.

PhD (2002-2008): This process was rewarding but challenging. I credit my success to (some) excellent advisors, hard work and having enough experience to handle myself and the task.

World travel (1995-2000): Traveled to 63 countries, spending about $50k but learning a lot. Amazing trip.

Vets database (1994-5): Designing, programming and delivering an inventory database (MS Access) for veterans to use in their rehabilitation facility.

Organizing my photos (1991-2): It's not easy to sort and assemble thousands of images and pages into volumes, but I did -- and got about 20 of them, each 10cm thick ;)

Loanfax (1991-1993): This financial start-up failed due to a lack of demand for the product. (Long story short: nobody wants to pay you to find a commercial loan when there are no loans.) My ex-step-father and business partner was not very helpful.